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Ganglion Impar Block Procedure at Pain Clinics in Tennessee

Ganglion Impar Block
A ganglion of impar block is simple procedure performed at pain clinics in Tennessee which is safe and easy, used to treat pain in the pelvic, genital, anal, visceral, and perineal areas. This is an injection that can be used as a sympathetic block, meant to treat sympathetically mediated pain, neuropathic pain, or […]

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Facet Injections Treatment at Nashville Pain Clinic

What are facet injections?
Facet injections of medications into the facet joints of your body. The facet joints are those located in between the vertebrae in your spine, running from your neck all the way to your tailbone. These joints allow each of your vertebrae to move against the ones above and below it.
What is the […]

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Herniated Disc And Bulging Disc Treatments With Nashville Pain Clinic

A violent injury can cause damage to a disc in your body but problems with discs are typically brought about by everyday activities and the normal aging process. Lifting a heavy object in the wrong way, stretching too hard while playing tennis, or slipping and falling on icy sidewalk can all bring about damage to […]

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Headaches Causes Described By Pain Management Nashville TN

Headaches involved tension in the head generally brought about by pressure inside of your brain against the scope and the surrounding fluids. Serious headaches are referred to as migraines. Migraines are hereditary and four out of five people who suffer from migraines have a history of it in their family. It’s just one parent has […]

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